5 Unforgettable Indian Foods You Must Taste In India!

 top 5 Indian Food for Internation Travellers

Indian food is the best feast for the taste buds. It offers quality as well as gives a great relief to our hunger. Most of the people who are not from India want to come here to try the stimulating food over here. Definitely, there are so many mouth-watering dishes and street foods that are a pure treat to our tongue.

If you are coming to India, you must take out some time off so that you can enjoy the large varieties of food available. The Indian food is divided into two main categories – the North Indian food and the South Indian food. And thereafter, it is again divided into regions such as Punjabi, Sindhi, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Bengali, Mughlai, Hyderabadi, and Kashmiri. It will not be a surprise if I forget here some food as there are so many delicious foods in India that are a must try.

India is a land of festivals that celebrate every type of festival and also offers many delicious and cultural foods. With so many flavors, spices, rich color, distinct and pleasant aroma, and the wonderful taste; it makes any trespasser want to visit again and again.

One of the biggest advantages to travel to India is that you get to taste different foods in different style. So, here are some of the best foods you must try when in India. Check them below:

#1. Indian Thali


Thali refers to “plate” in the Hindi language. It is not a dish in itself but it is a combination of several food items in a plate including steam rice, pickle, puri, naan, chapatti, raita, chutneys, gulab jamun, papad, and more or less depending upon the place and region you are eating.

Thali is mentioned at number one place because it is very popular and common dish that most people prefer to buy as it fully satisfies their hunger. Also, you do not need to look in the other different dishes.

Where to eat it?

You will find Thali in most of the cities in India. You can visit Udaipur and visit Natraj Hotel Dining Hall to order the best Thali that fully satisfies your hunger.


#2. Tundey Kebab

Lucknow Kabab, Awadhi food, Top Indian food

Sunday Kebab refers to mutton Kebab and served with a Paratha (bread). It is a famous dish in Lucknow, when you are in India you must visit Lucknow and try Tundey kebab. The kebab is a very small round shaped and easily gets dissolved in one’s mouth as soon as it enters. It has a very rich flavor and includes about 150 spices such as sandalwood, mint, garlic paste, and ginger paste. These ingredients are used to cook this particular kind of kebab.

The dish richness has got from the Nawabs (kings) of Lucknow and is perfectly reflected in this delicious delicacy.

Where to eat it?

If you are in Lucknow then you can find the best Tundey Kabab in Aminabad market. It offers the most exquisite taste of flavored that makes you want to eat again and again.

#3. Golgappa

Pani Puri, Golgappa, Indian street food

Golgappa can be referred as a single bite of deliciousness also known as ‘Panipuri’. It is a small round shaped fried and crisp with flavored water and matter, potato, onion filling. One just eats it at once and enjoy the spiciness with full happiness.

It is the most famous street snack in every part of India. If you love spices and can endure it then you must give it a try on your visit to India.

Where to eat it?

Generally, you can find Golgappas in most of the parts of India in every street and turns. Whether you are in Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai or any other place.

#4. Masala Dosa

Dosa, Indian top food

Masala Dosa is the form of thin pancake very large in size which is prepared with the liquid batter which is fermented overnight. The batter is made up of rice and white lentil (also known as the udad dal).

The dish is served with potatoes, coconut chutney, and sambar. The combination makes it a best mouthwatering dish that is demanded in many parts of India.

Where to eat it?

Usually, Masala Dosa is a South Indian dish but it can be found in most parts of India. You can get it in Udaipur, Bengaluru, or Chennai.


#5. Chole Batura

Punjabi food, Best indian food

Chole Batura is the famous and popular dish of Northern India. It can either be taken as your breakfast, lunch, evening snack or even dinner. Yes, the beauty of this dish is that it is available at every time of the day.

Though it is a heavy meal, Indians do not linger to enjoy the flavors of chole Batura at any time of the day. The Baturas are deep fried round Indian bread molded of white flour and taken with Chole. Chole is the side dish served with the Batura and prepared with chickpeas.

Where to eat it?

Though this is the most popular dish in Punjab it is found in every part of India. You can try the best flavored Chola Batura in any part of North India.

Traveling India it like a life long treat. I’m sure you never forget once you visit this country. Hope you liked this post, let me know in the comments 🙂

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